Rail Siding Extensions, Yard and Mainline Improvements

Project Details

Capabilities: Earthwork | Utilities | Environmental

Project Name:  Railroad Siding Extensions and Mainline and Yard Improvements

Location:  Midwest United States

Summary of Work:

In 2015, Bolander broadened its rail services from the Twin Cities westward to North and South Dakota, Southward to Kansas and Eastward to Illinois.  Where geographical expansion trumps many, our staff excels at material sourcing, land use negotiations, and all other challenges related to working in remote locations.  Project scopes included:

  • Strict Adherence to Aggressive Construction Schedules
  • Mass Grading,
  • Embankment Construction
  • Environmental Cleanups
  • Culvert Extensions
  • Jack & Bore Culvert Installation
  • Negotiation of Land-Use Contracts