Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant

Project Details

Capabilities: Demolition | Environmental

The Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP) was built and operated by the U.S. Army in the 1940s to support World War II.  At its peak, over 26,000 people worked at this facility producing small caliber rounds for the war effort.  TCAAP was placed on “reserve” status shortly after the defeat of Japan but reopened to support the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

After its closing, an effort to develop the site was met with caution from potential investors.  During the plant’s operation the U.S. Army generated industrial wastes that were disposed of using accepted practices of the times, which included on-site dumping, burial, and open burning.  The large overlying risk of financial overruns to remediate the site proved to be the primary deterrent to its redevelopment.

In 2012 Bolander submitted a proposal to remediate the 427 Acre site under a Contractor-At-Risk contract developed by Ramsey County.  Atypical for a remediation project, Bolander and our environmental consultant, Wenck, were at risk for all overruns.  This unique contract structure allowed financing to move forward, protecting the owner from any additional costs on this high risk scope of work.

Bolander received a Certificate of Completion in 2016 from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency opening the doors to redeveloping  the site.  Revitalized from it’s prior industrial use Ramsey County’s master development plan includes housing, hotels, business development, parks and other amenities that will create jobs and drive economic development in this region for years to come.   Bolander was recognized for this effort by the National Demolition Association in 2015, winning the Environmental Excellence Award.

Bolander’s environmental remediation of the site included removal and salvage of the following items:

Environmental Remediation
Environmentally Impacted Soil Soil 140,000 Ton
PCB Impacted Soils 8,000 Ton
PCB Impacted Concrete 3,000 Ton
Asbestos Piping 29,000 Ft
Building Demolition 22 Structures
Storm Sewer Removal 40,000 Ft
Sanitary Sewer Removal 38,000 Ft
Water Main Removal 50,000 Ft
Fence Removal 42,000 Ft
Gas Main Removal 37,000 Ft
Recycle and Salvage
Concrete 400,000 Ton
Rail Road Track 43,700 Ft
Structural Steel  13,000 Ton