Combined Heat Power Plant

Project Details

Capabilities: Earthwork | Utilities | Demolition | Slope Stabilization

The U of M Combined Heat Power Plant (CHPP) was constructed in 1912 as the main steamed powered heating plant for the University. Over its lifetime the building underwent multiple renovations and modifications to keep up with a growing campus until it was shutdown in 2000.  After being shutdown the building quickly fell into disrepair.

Due to the condition of the building, the amount of renovation, abatement and demolition, the University sought contractors that had a history of working as a team. In 2013, Adolph & Peterson, Bolander and Mavo were selected as the team of choice by University of Minnesota. Teamwork, safe work practices and design build experience were key factors in the selection process.

Interior Demolition and Renovation Included:

  • Demolition of seven, 7-story tall interior coal fired boilers with no crane access.
  • Hand demolition of the 80’x40’ concrete coal bunker suspended from the ceiling and removal of failing roof decks, structural floor slabs, columns and beams with other trades working in close proximity.
  • Selective demolition with engineered shoring and bracing
  • Retrofitted support columns with micropile foundation elements

Exterior Improvements Included:

  • Environmental cleanup of soils contaminated with asbestos debris
  • Provided design build services for:
    • Lateral wall bracing
    • Underpinning
    • Exterior Retaining Wall
    • Rock Stabilization
    • Rerouting of Site Utilities