Mental Health Safety In Construction

Mental health is an often overlooked but very important aspect of the construction industry. The physical risks are well known, but the mental health risks are not always taken into consideration.

Working in construction can be very stressful, between the long hours, extreme temperatures, and the everyday dangers of the tasks being performed. When mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are added, the combination can begin to affect one’s ability to work and may lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and low morale.

It is very important that the construction industry begin to implement better measures to provide mental health resources and support to ensure not just the physical safety of their employees but their mental health as well. This is why Bolander has partnered with Trent Williams of Bearing Point Wellness, a mental safety consulting agency, to become the first construction company in the United States to have a Mental Health First Aid Certified Foreman or Supervisor on every Bolander construction site. All supervising staff in the office are certified as well. Requiring this training will not only keep our job sites more productive, but it will also keep our crews and the companies that we work with safer.

We consider ourselves a family here at Bolander, and we want to create a culture where our employees can feel comfortable, safe, and supported in every aspect of their work lives.

Linked below is a blog post written by Trent Williams of BPM Wellness that discusses the importance of mental health training in the construction industry.

Distinguished Member Award Goes to Mark Ryan, President of Bolander

On Wednesday, January 15th, Mark Ryan, President of Bolander, received the Distinguished Member of the Year Award from the Minnesota Builder’s Exchange. Similar to a lifetime achievement award, the Distinguished Member of the Year Award honors an individual who has devoted his or her entire working life to the construction industry, the community and to the Minnesota Builders Exchange.

In response, Mark had this to say to his employees at Bolander:

“On Wednesday I received the Minnesota Builders Exchange “Distinguished Member Award” for 2019.  I was honored to receive this award for something that I love – The Construction Industry.  I want to thank each one of you for supporting me and Bolander every day that you come to work.  We have established a great company with great people!!  The award was a total surprise for me and I was humbled to have some of the Bolander Team there when I received the award.  I am very proud of Bolander and what we have built and achieved together!!”

From everyone at Bolander, we cannot thank Mark enough for all he has done for Bolander, for the community, and for the Construction Industry.

Thank you Mark!

Not pictured but present: Joey Ryan, Ryan O’Gara, Carisa Johnson, Laura Bjorklund, Sheri Redding, Chad Nelson and Anthony Koop (FPI Paving), and Jim Redpath (Redpath & Associates

A&P Subcontractor Safety Award

Last week, Carl Bolander & Sons was the proud recipient of Adolfson & Peterson Construction’s 2020 Subcontractor Safety Award for our work on The Minneapolis Bus Garage project. This is truly a testament to the high level of talent within all of the members of the Bolander Team!

Chase Certificate of Achievement

Bolander was ecstatic to accept the CHASE Level 2 Certificate of Achievement at the AGC’s and OSHA’s CHASE Partnering Program Recognition Event. Bolander has had a number of CHASE Level 3 projects over the last couple of years and is honored to be recognized for an outstanding safety program while providing incentives for partnerships.

Photo credit: Sheila Ryan Photography