Culture of Safety

At Bolander, safety begins from the moment the plans are first opened to the day the project is completed. Project managers and superintendents work closely with Safety Directors to ensure crews receive proper training, equipment and support to build the job safely. Our integrated team approach allows us to effectively implement procedures and processes that provide a safe work environment.

On the Job

Every project, big or small, presents its own unique safety challenges. Recognizing this, we work with you to build a safety plan that is tailored to fit your project. Our highly trained Safety Directors ensure this plan is communicated to all levels of our team in the form of pre-construction meetings and daily toolbox pre-task planning discussions.Supt meeting


Bolander Safety Directors are intimately involved with every project and conduct frequent site inspections to ensure safety measures are being implemented correctly. These industry professionals keep Bolander up to speed with the best in practices and protective equipment.

In addition to site inspections by our Safety Directors, we reward employees for being proactive and identifying safety issues through our Safety Coin program. Our employees receive rewards and recognition for identifying, resolving, and/or reporting safety issues to the appropriate supervisor. A grass roots dedication to safety ensures that everyone is engaged and involved.


Bolander has in depth knowledge and experience working and complying with regulatory agencies within our industry such as OSHA. Adherence and knowledge of these requirements means that our crews have the training and certifications to build your job.


The effectiveness of our safety program is more than words; we have tangible numbers to back it up. Please do not hesitate to contact us for our most current safety record and find out why Bolander is widely recognized as one of the safest in the industry.