Project Details

Client: McGough Construction
Location: Duluth, MN
Services: Building Demolition, Earth Retention, Excavation, Site Utilities


Essentia has been an exciting project with its success rooted in our partnership with Northland Constructors of Duluth. Starting in 2019, Northland took the lead on excavation and utilities while Bolander began demolition, deep foundations and earth retention.

The demolition has been unique to both the client and the structure involved.

“Essentia is an active hospital,” explained Evan Mackey, Demolition Division Manager, “Bolander worked closely with the general contractor and Essentia to implement means and methods that reduced noise, dust and vibration to mitigate impact to sensitive medical equipment, patients and pedestrian traffic.” Additionally, Bolander crews worked on demolition of a post-tension parking ramp. This included de-tensioned and re-tensioned structural cables.  Demolition crews also dismantled two existing skyways.

Foundation crews had to account for topographical challenges, as the site drop 110’ towards the shore of Lake Superior. Their work included five separate earth retention systems retaining as much as 62 vertical feet of rock and soil.  To maintain the aggressive schedule, our crews showed true commitment working long hours and even drilling through Thanksgiving weekend. Furthermore, Bolander drilled 100 foundation rock anchors and is scheduled to install 32 drilled piers.

Essentia has been an exciting project where Bolander, with our talented leadership and crews, overcame several obstacles to complete our scope of work safely and on time.  This project has sparked a great relationship with Northland Constructors which will lead to more opportunities for us in the Duluth market.