Mayo 2nd Ave Utilities

Project Details

Client: Knutson
Location: Rochester, MN
Services: Site Utilities


In March of this year, Bolander began work on the Mayo 2nd Avenue Utility Project. This project is located on 2nd Avenue SW between 2nd Street SW & 3rd Street SW in downtown Rochester.

Our work for this project consisted of Surface Removals, Underground Pipe Removals, Sanitary Sewer, Watermain, deep excavation for chilled water piping & Grading.

The most unique aspect of this project was the fact that there were 4 separate projects converging on the same location.  These projects included:

  • Mayo 2nd Avenue Utility – Knutson/Bolander
  • Discovery Walk – Pember Companies
  • Bus 10/11 Ductbank – Premiere/DeCook
  • Mayo Y2 Ductbank – Knutson/Bolander

With these multiple projects overlapping, we were required to work very closely in coordination with other contractors to verify that project elements were constructed in the proper sequence.  This took a massive effort during the project planning phase and during construction. Mayo Clinic hired Knutson Construction to oversee this coordination effort.

The most challenging aspect of this project was working in and amongst existing concrete duct banks and tunnels.  As the background information on these existing items were generally inaccurate, Bolander was required to do a great deal of below ground investigation consisting of potholing & surveying.  The information that we gained from our investigation processes was used to plan & engineer our approach to keep these existing facilities in place, without disruption to Mayo Clinic, during construction.

This project is in a very busy location in downtown Rochester.  So, beyond the challenges that we faced below ground, we also had to stage the work to accommodate pedestrians and deliveries to the adjacent buildings.

The complexities of the project required involvement at all levels within Bolander.  Our execution of this technical project showed the owners and contractors in the Rochester market that Bolander is the right choice for difficult projects.


5th Street Reconstruction

Project Details

Client: City of Rochester
Location: Rochester, MN
Services: Earthwork, Removals, Utilities


In July of 2022, The City of Rochester awarded Bolander the contract for the 5th Street Reconstruction project located between 1st Avenue SW & 4th Avenue SW in downtown Rochester.

The project required the complete reconstruction of 3 city blocks. Our work consisted of Surface Removals, Underground Pipe Removals, Sanitary Sewer, Watermain, Storm Sewer & Grading. As the prime contractor for this project, Bolander was also responsible for concrete/asphalt paving and electrical duct bank construction which was performed by our local trade partners.

The most challenging aspect of this project was the replacement of an active sanitary manhole with a 17’ build height. With thorough planning and close coordination with City staff, we were able to complete this task with minimal sewer bypass pumping and well within bid parameters.

This project was unique as it was surrounded by three adjacent construction projects, one of which was our Block 6 parking ramp project. Given the proximity to these separate projects, access coordination, sequencing and communication was paramount to our success as well as the success of the adjacent projects.

Thanks to the dedication of the high quality Bolander personnel and our trade partners, we were able to demonstrate our ability to complete technical projects to the City and other customers within this market.

Allianz Field

Project Details

Client: Mortenson
Location: St. Paul, MN
Services: Demolition, Earth Retention, Excavation, Deep Foundations, Site Utilities


Bolander is proud to be part of this landmark project that landed one of America’s finest soccer stadiums on a formally blighted St. Paul, MN parcel.  This remarkable urban revitalization presented numerous challenges to include soil remediation, discovery of abandoned structure and extensive connections to urban infrastructure.  Bolander stepped up to the accelerated schedule to support the creation of Allianz Field, the new home for Minnesota United in 2019.

Bolander provided the following work:

  • Mass excavation and export of over 250,000 CY of fill or silty soil
  • Import and placement of over 60,000 CY of clean sand
  • 240,000 SF of structural demolition
  • Temporary earth retention
  • Extensive groundwater management
  • Installation and tensioning of 124 structural anchors to resist uplift, up to 65’ deep
  • Stockholm soil tree trenches
  • Four storm water storage systems to include fused SRPE DuroMaxx
  • Two storm water lift stations linked to the City of St Paul management system
  • Fine grading and aggregates for approximately 23 acres



Project Details

Client: Weis Builders Inc
Location: Rochester, MN
Services: Earthwork, Utilities


The Berkman Apartments, located directly across from Mayo Clinic’s Saint Mary’s Hospital, is constructed over one of the most geotechnically challenging sites in Minnesota. Bolander worked hand-in-hand with Alatus, Weis Builders and Braun Intertec to develop and implement adaptable deep foundation methods to support the 14-story concrete structure.

Braun, relying on their extensive experience in this region, recommended alternating between cased micropiles and drilled piers.  Micropiles were used in areas of weak soils and/or voids and drilled piers could be utilized on competent bedrock. To bring order to highly unpredictable karst subsurface conditions, Bolander developed a flow chart that accelerated the team decision making process when soft soils or voids were encountered.  Further, Bolander provided schedule and cost saving solutions by fabricating a custom drill rig to quickly discover and evaluate voids before foundations were drilled.

Micropile drilling was challenging and unpredictable with depths as shallow as 50-ft and as deep as 120-ft.  Drill pier foundations were drilled through 35-ft of competent bedrock.

Foundations By the Numbers:

  • DTH Micropile: 256-Each (13,879-LF)
  • Drilled Piers: 130-Each (3-ft to 8-ft Diameter)

Heart of the City

Project Details

Client: Kraus Anderson
Location: Rochester, MN
Services: Building Demolition, Earth Retention, Excavation, Site Utilities


Heart of the City, true to its name, is nestled between the Mayo Clinic, and Rochester’s flagship hotels, and restaurants.  Given the sensitive nature of this project the city of Rochester and Destination Medical Center entrusted Bolander with a Best Value contract to deliver their vision while limiting the impact on Mayo Clinic patient traffic and patrons of surrounding businesses.

In pursuit of this challenging work, Bolander proposed a plan that would maintain water and sanitary services to businesses throughout the duration of the project.  This plan maximized passive flow bypasses, quiet electrical pumps and buried temporary water services to separate the business operations from our below grade reconstruct of the city’s utility infrastructure.  Always pushing to innovate, Bolander utilized a Rock Trenching machine to trench 600-ft of soil and rock in depths in excess of 19-ft.

The project has also become the heart of our company’s Rochester operations.  Currently the project is home to our new Rochester utility crew led by Shawn Erlanson and employs three quarters of our total Rochester workforce.  Thanks to our hard-working crews putting in long hours we are expecting to substantially complete this project one month ahead of schedule.

Minneapolis Bus Garage


Project Details

Client: Knutson Construction
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Services: Building Demolition, Earth Retention, Excavation, Site Utilities


With 3,055 driven piling – equal to around 63 miles of pipe – the Minneapolis Bus Garage is the largest driven piling project in Bolander’s history! To meet the strict pile batter specifications, Bolander made a capital investment purchasing a crane-mounted fixed leads system with GPS technology; we are the first company in Minnesota to own and operate this piece of equipment.

Fixed leads increase pile driving productivity by minimizing the movement of the crane, decreasing the time spent placing the pile under the hammer, and monitoring pile depth and plumbness in real time.

The new 550,000-square-foot garage is planned for an 11-acre site northwest of Target Field adjacent to the existing Heywood garage and Metro Transit’s headquarters. This facility is integral to the Met Council’s transit plan and has been designed to store and maintain 216 long rapid electrical buses – improving the accessibility of public transportation in the metro area.