Project Details

Client: Knutson
Location: Rochester, MN
Services: Site Utilities


In March of this year, Bolander began work on the Mayo 2nd Avenue Utility Project. This project is located on 2nd Avenue SW between 2nd Street SW & 3rd Street SW in downtown Rochester.

Our work for this project consisted of Surface Removals, Underground Pipe Removals, Sanitary Sewer, Watermain, deep excavation for chilled water piping & Grading.

The most unique aspect of this project was the fact that there were 4 separate projects converging on the same location.  These projects included:

  • Mayo 2nd Avenue Utility – Knutson/Bolander
  • Discovery Walk – Pember Companies
  • Bus 10/11 Ductbank – Premiere/DeCook
  • Mayo Y2 Ductbank – Knutson/Bolander

With these multiple projects overlapping, we were required to work very closely in coordination with other contractors to verify that project elements were constructed in the proper sequence.  This took a massive effort during the project planning phase and during construction. Mayo Clinic hired Knutson Construction to oversee this coordination effort.

The most challenging aspect of this project was working in and amongst existing concrete duct banks and tunnels.  As the background information on these existing items were generally inaccurate, Bolander was required to do a great deal of below ground investigation consisting of potholing & surveying.  The information that we gained from our investigation processes was used to plan & engineer our approach to keep these existing facilities in place, without disruption to Mayo Clinic, during construction.

This project is in a very busy location in downtown Rochester.  So, beyond the challenges that we faced below ground, we also had to stage the work to accommodate pedestrians and deliveries to the adjacent buildings.

The complexities of the project required involvement at all levels within Bolander.  Our execution of this technical project showed the owners and contractors in the Rochester market that Bolander is the right choice for difficult projects.