Heartland Trail

Project Details

Capabilities: Earth Retention | Earthwork | Slope Stabilization

This Minnesota Department of Natural Resources project is a link in the new state trail between Detroit Lakes, MN and Frazee MN.  Bolander’s work in this area also stabilized a 40’ tall slope directly between Acorn Lake and Highway 10.

Accessing this job was no easy task; prior to starting, Bolander designed a temporary access road along the lake which allowed issuance of a MnDNR work in waters permit.  Once the trees were cleared and the access road installed, we worked along the lake shore to install a 440 foot long sheet pile wall which was later enhanced with over 100 tie-back anchors.  Flanking the sheet pile were two big-block retaining walls, each over 200 feet long.

Above the trail, on the upper part of the slope, Bolander installed over 2500 percussion anchors in a large reinforced zone on a steep slope.  Throughout this Bolander moved no less than 25,000 CY of soil and installed storm water structures.  Finally, the trail itself was paved and the site seeded and landscaped.