Hines North Loop Green III

Project Details

Client: Kraus-Anderson
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Services: Removals, Earth Retention, Excavation, Deep Foundations, Site Utilities


Located immediately to the northeast of Target Field, Hines/North Loop Green III is a bold project which showcases many of Bolander’s capabilities.

Poised to be a hub for mass transit, North Loop Green III sits adjacent to the Cedar Lake Trail, Northstar Rail Line, Minneapolis Bus Lines, and Light Rail. The building is 1 story below grade, has a residential and commercial tower, and connects to the 5th street bridge on the plaza level. The building footprint straddles the below grade waterway called the Bassett Creek Tunnel, which commanded caution and extreme attention when working in its vicinity.  Given the dense urban surroundings, the project had tight space constraints. The coordination of our work required constant communication with the general contractor. We ensured all requirements and scheduling constraints from surrounding neighbors and other subcontractors were being met. Making sure that we had minimal disturbance to any Target Field events was a priority on this project. These constraints required that Bolander be both efficient and flexible with our scheduling to best serve the project.

Bolander installed earth retention systems along the North, West, and South sides of the project. Our team used a variety of methods for each unique situation:

  • H-Pile and lagging retention
  • Cantilevered H-pile
  • Driven H-Pile
  • Drilled and Set H-pile
  • Fluted H-Pile
  • Tiebacks
  • Wales
  • Predrilled H-pile
  • Internally Braced retention
  • Slide rail system trench boxes

While excavating the site to the respective grades, Bolander safely disposed of nearly 20,000 tons of contaminated soil. There were multiple concerns with the existing soils on this site. Bolander was able to navigate the differing soil conditions by:

  • Providing a 3’ thick working pad to allow all contractors to efficiently move around the site during construction
  • Correcting soil in areas that had spread/pad footings with no deep foundations
  • Mass exporting onsite soils
  • Mass importing clean sand for the working pad and site backfill
  • Providing multiple access ramps to best facilitate the planned work on the project

With the excavation complete and the earth retention systems in place, our team began installing the deep foundation systems to support the 36-story tall North Loop Green. Bolander used multiple systems which satisfied all load requirements, including:

  • Driven H-Pile
  • Driven Pipe pile
  • Micropile
  • Drilled piers
  • Tension H-pile with rebar “candy canes”

While working in close vicinity of the Bassett Creek Tunnel, some deep foundation changes needed to be made to accommodate the depth and size of the existing waterway, as well as the differing site conditions.

Working concurrently with our foundation crews, the utility crews had their own solutions to the complex project requirements. In addition to standard utility services, our team installed a 96” Duromaxx storm sewer retention system and a JellyFish storm water pretreatment structure. The utility work required a variety of installation methods to overcome many challenges:

  • Jack and bore pipe installation for a deep sanitary connection
  • Rock hammering/trenching
  • Existing utility support
  • Open excavation installation
  • Temporary storm sewer reroute
  • Making multiple connections to an existing concrete-encased watermain

Although there wasn’t an existing building to demolish, our demolition crew still had a unique job to do. Along with other entrances at ground level, North Loop Green features an entryway from the 5th St. bridge directly across from Target Field. Our demolition crew removed the crash wall and sidewalk from the portion of the bridge that connects to the new NLG III plaza. The bridge removals required the skill and experience of our demolition crew to figure out the best way to complete these removals without damaging the existing bridge deck. The demolition work included:

  • Salvaging the existing fence
  • Saw cutting multiple relief cuts for the sidewalk
  • Using the proper equipment to remove the concrete without damaging the existing bridge deck
  • Intensive traffic/pedestrian control coordination to accommodate Target Field events

As Kraus-Anderson and other contractors work on constructing the building and its 450 apartments and over 350,000 square feet of commercial and office space, Bolander will complete the finish grading on over an acre of green space.

We are extremely thankful to our valued customer Kraus-Anderson Construction who chose to rely on the talented men and women of Bolander to deliver this major project!

Heart of the City

Project Details

Client: Kraus Anderson
Location: Rochester, MN
Services: Building Demolition, Earth Retention, Excavation, Site Utilities


Heart of the City, true to its name, is nestled between the Mayo Clinic, and Rochester’s flagship hotels, and restaurants.  Given the sensitive nature of this project the city of Rochester and Destination Medical Center entrusted Bolander with a Best Value contract to deliver their vision while limiting the impact on Mayo Clinic patient traffic and patrons of surrounding businesses.

In pursuit of this challenging work, Bolander proposed a plan that would maintain water and sanitary services to businesses throughout the duration of the project.  This plan maximized passive flow bypasses, quiet electrical pumps and buried temporary water services to separate the business operations from our below grade reconstruct of the city’s utility infrastructure.  Always pushing to innovate, Bolander utilized a Rock Trenching machine to trench 600-ft of soil and rock in depths in excess of 19-ft.

The project has also become the heart of our company’s Rochester operations.  Currently the project is home to our new Rochester utility crew led by Shawn Erlanson and employs three quarters of our total Rochester workforce.  Thanks to our hard-working crews putting in long hours we are expecting to substantially complete this project one month ahead of schedule.

Heartland Trail


Project Details

Client: MN DNR
Location: Frazee, MN
Services: Building Demolition, Earth Retention, Excavation, Site Utilities


This Minnesota Department of Natural Resources project is a link in the new state trail system between Detroit Lakes, MN and Frazee, MN. In the process, Bolander stabilized a 40’ tall slope directly between Acorn Lake and Highway 10. Accessing this job was no easy task; prior to starting, Bolander designed a temporary access road along the lake which allowed issuance of a MnDNR work in waters permit. Once the trees were cleared and the access road installed, we worked along the lake shore to install a 440′ long sheet pile wall which was later enhanced

with over 100 tie-back anchors. Flanking the sheet pile were two big-block retaining walls, each over 200′ long. Above the trail, on the upper part of the steep slope, Bolander installed over 2500 percussion anchors in a large reinforced zone. Throughout the duration of the project, Bolander moved no less than 25,000 CY of soil and installed numerous storm water structures. Finally, the trail itself was paved, the site seeded and landscaped – now ready to connect visitors with the outdoors.

Minneapolis Bus Garage


Project Details

Client: Knutson Construction
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Services: Building Demolition, Earth Retention, Excavation, Site Utilities


With 3,055 driven piling – equal to around 63 miles of pipe – the Minneapolis Bus Garage is the largest driven piling project in Bolander’s history! To meet the strict pile batter specifications, Bolander made a capital investment purchasing a crane-mounted fixed leads system with GPS technology; we are the first company in Minnesota to own and operate this piece of equipment.

Fixed leads increase pile driving productivity by minimizing the movement of the crane, decreasing the time spent placing the pile under the hammer, and monitoring pile depth and plumbness in real time.

The new 550,000-square-foot garage is planned for an 11-acre site northwest of Target Field adjacent to the existing Heywood garage and Metro Transit’s headquarters. This facility is integral to the Met Council’s transit plan and has been designed to store and maintain 216 long rapid electrical buses – improving the accessibility of public transportation in the metro area.

RBC Gateway Tower


Project Details

Client: McGough Construction
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Services: Building Demolition, Earth Retention, Excavation, Site Utilities


The 37-story Gateway Tower has been a masterful display of Bolander’s dominance in the Twin Cities urban construction market.  This project utilized our full suite of capabilities and construction services to deliver the 55-ft deep excavation.

The project began with the installation of an H-Pile earth retention system followed quickly by the removal of over 130,000 cubic yards of rock and soil and the installation of 113 drilled piers extending an additional 48-ft deeper into rock.  To minimize disruption to the heavily trafficked Hennepin Avenue corridor, pipe jacking was elected as the least invasive way to connect site utilities into the city’s infrastructure.

“Extensive logistical planning was necessary to execute this project properly,” said Senior Project Manager John Caroon, “In addition to coordinating our work with other trades we also had to consider the city’s plans for the reconstruction of Hennepin Avenue and an adjacent tower, 270 Hennepin.”

The 22-story tower, 270 Hennepin, also became a Bolander project marking 2019 as the year Bolander teamed to change the skyline.