Xcel Energy: Hibbing Taconite Company

Project Details

Capabilities: Deep Foundations | Earthwork | Utilities

When Xcel Energy has a tough project; Bolander is their first call!

This was certainly the case for this project. Xcel Energy was required to relocate an existing transmission line to allow Hibbing Taconite Company to expand their mining operation. This relocation required the construction of seven major transmission towers. Each tower was founded upon four massive drilled piers.

Bolander’s work consisted of constructing the drilled piers. The drilling conditions were challenging to say the least. The shafts first extended through a layer of hard rock mine tailings, next through a layer of overburden, then through a massive boulder field layer and finally a rocket socket into the underlying taconite bedrock. This bedrock is aptly referred to as “iron rock.”

Bolander is very thankful to have employees who have the level of skill required to undertake a project of this caliber and the willingness to be away from their families while completing this work.